The Jewish cemetery in Wislica

The Jewish cemetery in Wiślica


The Jewish cemetery in Wiślica is located on a small, wooded hill, at Golden Street. Such a location - in a relatively short distance from the market and the synagogue - was characteristic of cemeteries established before the nineteenth century. According to Adam Penkalla in his book "Jewish traces in the province of Kielce and Radom" , the cemetery was founded probably in the second half of the seventeenth century. It is known that the cemetery was close to a funeral home and  gravedigger’s house. In 1928, the cemetery area became full and the Jewish community closed it in its efforts to organize a new burial place. As a result of the damage from the occupation and the period after the liberation, today an area of ​​approximately 1 hectare preserved one standing tombstone and a few remnants of tombstones without inscriptions and ornamentation. In the eighties, a road was built across the area of the cemetery.

In August and September  2016 the cemetery was cleaned and fenced. The work was funded by private donors (family Shpilsky, family Topel, family Landa) and the Nissenbaum Family Foundation which fenced the cemetery. A stone was erected as commemoration of the Wislica Jews. There are 3 inscriptions on the stone: in English, Polish and Hebrew:


Pain that is not transformed will be transferred to next generations

Memory has a healing power

In memory of the Jewish community of Wiślica 1514-1942

Jewish Cemetery

Established in the second half of the 17th century

Here rest Jews from Wiślica and the surrounding region

May their souls be bound up in the bond of everlasting life

The cemetery was renovated and fenced

 thanks to the financial support of

the Shpilsky family, the Topel family, the Landa family

and the Nissenbaum Family Foundation


Niezaleczony ból przejdzie na następne pokolenia

Pamięć ma moc uzdrawiającą

Pamięci społeczności żydowskiej w Wiślicy, 1514-1942

Cmentarz żydowski

Założony w drugiej połowie XVII wieku

Tu spoczywają Żydzi z Wiślicy i okolic

Niech ich dusze mają udział w życiu wiecznym

Cmentarz został odrestaurowany i ogrodzony

dzięki finansowemu wsparciu

 rodziny Shpilsky, rodziny Topel, rodziny Landa

 i Fundacji Rodziny Nissenbaumów


כאב שאינו משתנה יישנה גם בדורות הבאים

לזיכרון יש כוח מרפא

לזכר קהילת ווישליצה 1942-1514

בית הקברות היהודי

הוקם במחצית השנייה של המאה ה-17

פ.נ. יהודים מווישליצה וסביבתה


בית הקברות שוקם וגודר הודות לתמיכה הכספית של

משפחת שפילסקי, משפחת טופל, משפחת לנדה

קרן משפחת ניסנבאום


                                            Mapa cmentarz żydowski.jpeg                                               

Map of Wislica before 1939     


  Inicjatorzy ogrodzenia cmentarza.jpeg           Badania georadarowe terenu cmentarza.jpeg               

             The initiators of the fencing of the cemetery

              in Wislica: Vlad Shpilsky,Jacek Caban,

           Agata Caban, Vitoria Shpilsky, Mila Shpilsky                          Looking for old graves with a georadar


Cmentarz przed ogrodzeniem.jpeg            Cmentarz przed ogrodzeniem.jpeg    

                  The cemetery before fencing                                      The cemetery before fencing

Fragment ogrodzenia wokół cmentarza.jpeg            Fragment ogrodzenia wokół cmentarza.jpeg            

                           The new fence                                                           The new fence

 Brama wejściowa na cmentarz.jpeg             Fragment ogrodzenia wokół cmentarza.jpeg

                 The new fence                                                           The new fence                       

Tablica pamiatkowa.jpeg
The commemoration stone




LOGO 2 Fundacji.jpeg